Saturday, 30 March 2013

"Embrace Culture "

Indian bridal makeup is packed with drama and a glow that is captivating.

MUA Javey Bridal Academy

Japanese traditional makeup is seen in geisha and kabuki makeup and the first step in applying this makeup starts with the cleansing of the face. Once the face is properly cleansed, you have to apply an oil called Abura. After application of the oil, you have to use a wax called Taihaku, which is primarily put to block out the eyebrows. It is only after this that the white color is applied on the face. This color is known as Oshiroi, which literally means honorable white. Oshiroi is made up of white rice powder and several minerals like zinc and titanium.
Stunning Nigerian's traditional Marriage
An ocassion during which the bride steps out in bright colorful Traditional outfits 
 MUA Kemi Kings 

Picture Says It all Uniqueness of the Ethopian Culture

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