Monday, 18 March 2013

"Battle of the brushes "Search for Africa's Top Make Up Artist"

 MUGA (Make Up Guru Africa): is set up to celebrate,recommend services and work of Make Up artistes in Africa.

THE TREND: MUGA(Make up Guru(s) Africa) will be genesis .

SELECTION PROCESS: This year Make Up Artiste from different African countries will be selected by submission of their work(photo images etc)along with their location and contact details(i.e number,website,own photo image),which I will upload on Facebook for public viewing,20 artistes will be chosen out of all participants to compete. 

In The Future 
FINALE :Out of the selected 20 finalists from MUGA(MakeUpGuruAfrica), A winner will be chosen. The winner will be entered into Make Up Guru International(MUGI) then eventually entered into MUGU(Make up Guru Universe)

Lets Support African Make Up Gurus with their talents.
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